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Stay Home, We Come to You

We treat everything an urgent care clinic can and offer multiple preventative health care services.

Do you know the benefits of IV Hydration Therapy?

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Stay Home, We Come to You

We treat everything an urgent care clinic can and offer multiple preventative health care services.
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Do you know the benefits of IV Therapy?

The Traditional Healthcare System is Failing You

Modern life is hectic, but your healthcare shouldn’t be.

Busy schedules, endless obligations, and a system that prioritizes profits over patients have left countless families feeling frustrated, overlooked, and underserved.

Are you fed up with:

Wasting time in germ-filled waiting rooms?
Appointments that don’t fit your schedule?
Confusing costs and surprise fees?
Stressing over childcare just to see a doctor?

Healthcare Designed for Your Busy Life

It’s time for healthcare that works for you. Our in-home care model offers:
Convenient same-day or next-day house calls & telehealth
Transparent, flat fee, upfront pricing with no hidden fees
Cutting-edge treatments tailored to your needs
No more worrying about transportation or childcare
…and experience heathcare on your terms.

Our Process is Simple


Phone or text
Feeling under the weather? Don't stress. Just call or text us, and our providers will assess your needs in minutes.


Book Your Visit
No waiting weeks for an appointment. After a quick chat, we'll schedule your visit for today or tomorrow. Guaranteed.
Get back to life
Our expert team will be at your door, providing top-notch care that gets you back on your feet and living your best life.

No More Surprises. Just Clear, Upfront Pricing.

IV Therapy


starting at

Tired of feeling tired? Our IV blends are your secret weapon. Choose a signature mix or create your own. All for one simple price.

NEW: NAD+ IV Therapy now available!

House Calls


per visit

Your health shouldn't be a hassle. We bring our medical team to you, so you can skip the waiting room.

One simple fee covers everything: evaluation, exam, treatment plan, and prescriptions.

Weight Loss Program

+One-time House Call to begin treatment plan


first dose

Done with diets? Our personalized program begins with an in-home consultation.

Then, we deliver everything you need to your doorstep, every month.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – We Save You Money

Compare with the National Average

Urgent Care Visit

Why pay more for the same treatment? Our flat fee beats the national average, every time.

Emergency Room Visit

Skip the ER sticker shock. Get the care you need at a fraction of the cost with our in-home services.

Patient-Approved Care

Read real reviews from people just like you.


Who We Help

Our services are designed to make healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone.
See if you fit any of these categories:
Elderly Folks

Doctor’s office trips a hassle? Our in-home care keeps you comfortable and safe, without the stress of travel.

Busy Parents

Juggling kids and waiting rooms? Nobody’s got time for that. Let us come to you, so you can focus on family.


Need to bounce back fast? Our IV therapy and custom treatments help you recover quicker and crush your goals.

Busy Professionals

No time for Dr. visits? We understand. Extended hours and in-home care, so you can get better without missing a beat.

Chronic Conditions

If frequent doctor visits are a burden, our providers can bring ongoing care and support right to your doorstep.

Wellness Enthusiasts

Ready to optimize your health? From IV therapy to NAD+, our cutting-edge treatments help you feel unstoppable.

Family Friendly

Take your family’s health seriously? We offer special unlimited packages to help your whole family year-round.

Germ Avoiders

High risk? Waiting room cooties got you nervous? Stay comfy at home and let us handle your healthcare, exposure-free.

New Mamas

New moms have enough on their plate. Let us handle your healthcare needs, so you can focus on bonding with your baby.

Anyone Fed Up with Traditional Healthcare

If you’re tired of the traditional healthcare game, we’re here to make quality care convenient and affordable.

Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter Healthcare

Experience a new standard of care that prioritizes your needs, your comfort, and your well-being. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to help you feel your best, all from the comfort of your own home.

House Calls

Healthcare At Your Doorstep

Feeling sick but dread the doctor’s office?

We bring medical care to you, so you can focus on getting better without the stress.

From flu symptoms to unexpected injuries, our skilled team handles it all. Say goodbye to waiting rooms and hello to personalized care.

IV Therapy

Boost Your Body, Better Your Health

Always tired, worn down, or just off your game?

Our custom IV treatments give your immune system the extra kick it needs to help you feel like yourself again.

Doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, always on the go, or just want to feel your best – we’ve got the perfect boost for you.

Energy Support

Get Back Your Get-Up-and-Go

Low energy, brain fog?

Our cutting-edge NAD+ therapy gets your body’s natural energy factories humming again.

Imagine bouncing out of bed, ready to take on the day, every day. That’s the difference our energy support therapy can make. Get back to feeling like your younger, livelier self.

Weight Loss

Finally Get Results That Stick

Over the ups and downs of diets?

Our weightloss program, using Semaglutide, gives you a proven, safe way to lose weight and keep it off.

With our team in your corner, you’ll drop the extra pounds, learn how to keep them off, and finally have the body you’ve always wanted.

How Does This Work With Insurance?

Our affordable, flat-fee pricing sidesteps the out-of-control healthcare costs and insurance hassles you’re used to.
Here’s the best part – you can still use your out-of-network insurance benefits to put money back in your pocket.



Get Services


Get the care you need at home, on your schedule, at a lower price than national averages for traditional healthcare.


Submit for reimbursement
No waiting weeks for an appointment. After a quick chat, we’ll schedule your visit for today or tomorrow. Guaranteed.
Get reimbursed


Your insurance reimburses you according to your plan, putting money back in your pocket.

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